Keto & Company Hot Breakfast


Keto & Co. Hot Breakfast

Substitute for Cream of Wheat | Filling | Keto-friendly


When you start keto, paleo, and even Whole30, one thing that is immediately out as a meal option are quick breakfasts like oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, or Wheatena. This means that you spend a lot of time eating eggs (which gets old fast)! When I saw this product on Instagram, I thought it might be a good option - the consistency looked right and the macros were ideal so I placed an order. I got their Plain and Maple (with Stevia) versions. 


Like the picture at the top of this review, when cooked this product has a texture similar to other breakfast cereals. On a cold day, it offered that soothing warmth that just runs through your body. While I was skeptical about only using 2 tbsp of the mix (it’s a super fine grain powder), it expanded quite a bit in the microwave and was very filling. Also, considering that I’m new to keto, the extra fiber (8g per serving) was something that I really needed in my life. The maple smells so good, but I preferred to add some Swerve to bring out the flavors. Overall, this product is a win for me because it was easy to make; keto-friendly; and is a grain-free option for Cream of Wheat or even the cauliflower in my “grits” recipe