Key Keto Strawberry Lemonade (Exogenous Ketone Supplement)


Key Keto Strawberry Lemonade

Delicious drink that increased my ketone levels & energy


One of the first things that I learned on keto was that knowing my ketone levels was important. Besides the connection with ketosis and my weight loss, I noticed that when my ketone levels were high, I felt and performed better in life and the gym. However, after I started tracking my blood ketones daily, I realized that keeping my ketone levels high was a bit tricky: foods (even those that are considered "keto") impacted me differently. Plus, eating a bunch of healthy, low-carb foods doesn't necessarily lead to ketosis (since eating healthy fats is also essential). One way that I have added more ketones to my life is by drinking Key Keto Strawberry Lemonade, one flavor in Key Nutrients' line of exogenous ketone supplements. Overall, my experience has been that this is a delicious drink that lived up to its promises of increasing my ketone levels & energy.

Delicious Taste

The flavor of Key Keto lives up to its name: it's Strawberry Lemonade and that's exactly how it tastes. Unlike some other exogenous ketone products, this actually tastes good. When I first had it, I thought about Kool-Aid or other summertime drinks that I enjoyed as a kid. The only difference is that this is sugar-free! 


Increased Ketone Levels

Like most exogenous ketones brands, Key Keto comes with the claim that it will increase your blood ketone levels and provide more energy. One morning, I decided to test this out by testing my blood ketone levels before and after having Key Keto. As shown, my initial reading was 0.4 mmol/l (almost in ketosis). Surprisingly, within an hour, my ketones were up to 1.4 mmol/l (within the optimal ketosis range). For me, one of the benefits of being in ketosis is increased energy so I regularly use Key Keto as a pre-work and as a low-calorie, fat-free replacement for butter coffee. If you want to read other reviews about Key Keto, purchase it on Amazon and/or get 10% off, then you can click the link here and use the code DAVINAHS.