Easy No Bake Keto Desserts

This list includes plenty of easy, No-Bake Keto dessert recipes for those that want the benefits of desserts without baking, but also those who want to cure a sweet tooth minus refined sugar.

Keto Frozen Mudslide

A keto-friendly and low carb remake to a mudslide drink that includes vanilla ice cream. This version has no sugar added & a rich chocolate taste. 

Homemade Keto Blizzard Recipe

The Blizzard is an American ice cream staple for all dessert lovers. My recipe is totally keto, without added sugar. If you make it correctly, you can even flip the Blizzard without it falling!

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars

Keto Chocolate Cookie Dough Bars are an easy no-bake dessert. It includes an edible cookie dough layer topped with keto fluff.

Keto Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Mousse

Keto Pumpkin Mousse that gives all the flavors of pumpkin cheesecake in just a few minutes. Uses a sugar-free sweetener. Perfect dessert for one or two.

Keto Sugar-free White Chocolate Peanut Butter Nut Clusters

This Keto Sugar-free White Chocolate Peanut Butter Nut Clusters recipe is perfect when you're craving candy, but want to ditch sugar. 

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