Realgood Pizza Co.


Real Good Pizza Co. 

Tiny, but Filling | Real & Good. 

When I received my shipment of Realgood Foods Pizza, I'll admit I was a tad disappointed. Looking at the size of these (5'' personal pizzas), I thought, "oh, that's how they're able to keep these low carb." My feeling was that it was easy to be low carb when there was hardly a meal there! In fact, I made 3 for me and my husband to try. Approximately halfway through my pizza, I realized that these were tiny, but super filling. After reviewing the ingredients closely, I attribute this to their chicken and parmesan crust (sounds kind of weird. I know, but I promise it's delicious)! 


In terms of the toppings and flavors, their name is a good indicator of what you might expect. Everything is real (top quality meats and veggies that hold up through freezing and cooking) and good (I only needed to add hot pepper seeds). Overall, I'll keep these stocked in the freezer for nights like tonight when we need an easy meal or want something that seems like a "cheat" but is without the guilt (each Supreme pizza is 240 calories, 14g F, 4g C, and 25g P; and each Pepperoni pizza is 250 calories, 15g F, 4g C, and 25g P). 

Note: I cooked these pizzas for 25 minutes at 425 degrees and the sausages and pepperonis were juicy and the vegetables were tender. There are directions for the microwave, but I haven't tried them. 

Realgood Foods is offering anyone who wants to try their pizzas 10% off their online order with the code, "DrDavinahS". You can also get these from Walmart.