Sunniva Super Coffee


Super Coffee

Keto-friendly. Sweet. Great Iced Coffee Replacement. Wishing for more fat. 

One of the things that I've learned from following a keto lifestyle the last few weeks is that my morning coffee is important. For me, coffee suppresses my appetite, which is perfect for intermittent fasting, gives me a bit of a cleanse, and offers energy. With that, I've had coffee daily so I was excited to get a case of Sunniva Super Coffee (Vanilla Bean) to review. For me, Vanilla Bean was overall a good option because it is: keto-friendly (each bottle is 80 calories, 5g of fat, 10g of protein, and 1g carb); sweet enough to not need a packet of Truvia (maybe on the borderline of too sweet for some, but good for me), and an iced coffee replacement (add your own ice and no need for the trip to Starbucks).


One thing that I wished was that there was more fat! The bottle highlights having MCT oil (an important element for my keto peeps), but the fat count is low compared to butter coffee, which can have ~15g. Considering that I am a fan of butter coffee, the fat in Super Coffee wasn't enough for me. Even though they aren't necessarily aiming to be butter coffee, I hope that Sunniva (the distributors of this) will consider adding more fat (or a butter coffee line of this product) so that Super Coffee can be a total meal replacement. If you are interested in getting Super Coffee or exploring their other flavors, you can learn more in my Amazon Shop or on the Super Coffee website