Keto Mudslide

A month or so ago, I remade one of my favorite summer drinks: the Dairy Queen Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard because a medium had a whopping 100g of net carbs, including 88g of sugar. Today, I'm sharing a variation of that recipe for the MUDSLIDE! This recipe omits the peanut butter and increases the chocolate-y drizzle! I hope that you'll enjoy this as part of a keto or low-carb happy hour! 


I use Ketologie Chocolate Keto Shake to make this drink.

Ketologie Chocolate Keto Shake is a meal replacement that is designed for people following the ketogenic diet. I love it because it’s rich-tasting and chocolatey, even when mixed with water. It’s actually the only keto shake that I enjoy. Plus, it has perfect keto macros (0 net carbs, 75% fat, 19% protein), making it an awesome option if you’re keto and on the go. If you’d like 10% off of Ketologie then use code DRDAVINAHS on their website, which is the cheapest place to buy it. If you’re not sure whether you want an entire jar, they also have a sampler, which allows you to try their vanilla and chocolate shake flavors (I’ll share a few recipes with Vanilla soon).


(Makes 2 - 16oz drinks or 4 - 8oz drinks)


Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender. Blend until smooth (less than 1 minute).