Realgood Pizza Co.


Real Good Pizza Co. 

Tiny, but Filling | Real & Good. 

When I received my shipment of Realgood Foods Pizza, I'll admit I was a tad disappointed. Looking at the size of these (5'' personal pizzas), I thought, "oh, that's how they're able to keep these low carb." My feeling was that it was easy to be low carb when there was hardly a meal there! In fact, I made 3 for me and my husband to try. Approximately halfway through my pizza, I realized that these were tiny, but super filling. After reviewing the ingredients closely, I attribute this to their chicken and parmesan crust (sounds kind of weird. I know, but I promise it's delicious)! 


In terms of the toppings and flavors, their name is a good indicator of what you might expect. Everything is real (top quality meats and veggies that hold up through freezing and cooking) and good (I only needed to add hot pepper seeds). Overall, I'll keep these stocked in the freezer for nights like tonight when we need an easy meal or want something that seems like a "cheat" but is without the guilt (each Supreme pizza is 240 calories, 14g F, 4g C, and 25g P; and each Pepperoni pizza is 250 calories, 15g F, 4g C, and 25g P). 

Note: I cooked these pizzas for 25 minutes at 425 degrees and the sausages and pepperonis were juicy and the vegetables were tender. There are directions for the microwave, but I haven't tried them. 

Realgood Foods is offering anyone who wants to try their pizzas 10% off their online order with the code, "DrDavinahS". You can also get these from Walmart. 


Sunniva Super Coffee


Super Coffee

Keto-friendly. Sweet. Great Iced Coffee Replacement. Wishing for more fat. 

One of the things that I've learned from following a keto lifestyle the last few weeks is that my morning coffee is important. For me, coffee suppresses my appetite, which is perfect for intermittent fasting, gives me a bit of a cleanse, and offers energy. With that, I've had coffee daily so I was excited to get a case of Sunniva Super Coffee (Vanilla Bean) to review. For me, Vanilla Bean was overall a good option because it is: keto-friendly (each bottle is 80 calories, 5g of fat, 10g of protein, and 1g carb); sweet enough to not need a packet of Truvia (maybe on the borderline of too sweet for some, but good for me), and an iced coffee replacement (add your own ice and no need for the trip to Starbucks).


One thing that I wished was that there was more fat! The bottle highlights having MCT oil (an important element for my keto peeps), but the fat count is low compared to butter coffee, which can have ~15g. Considering that I am a fan of butter coffee, the fat in Super Coffee wasn't enough for me. Even though they aren't necessarily aiming to be butter coffee, I hope that Sunniva (the distributors of this) will consider adding more fat (or a butter coffee line of this product) so that Super Coffee can be a total meal replacement. If you are interested in getting Super Coffee or exploring their other flavors, you can learn more in my Amazon Shop or on the Super Coffee website


Keto & Company Hot Breakfast


Keto & Co. Hot Breakfast

Substitute for Cream of Wheat | Filling | Keto-friendly


When you start keto, paleo, and even Whole30, one thing that is immediately out as a meal option are quick breakfasts like oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, or Wheatena. This means that you spend a lot of time eating eggs (which gets old fast)! When I saw this product on Instagram, I thought it might be a good option - the consistency looked right and the macros were ideal so I placed an order. I got their Plain and Maple (with Stevia) versions. 


Like the picture at the top of this review, when cooked this product has a texture similar to other breakfast cereals. On a cold day, it offered that soothing warmth that just runs through your body. While I was skeptical about only using 2 tbsp of the mix (it’s a super fine grain powder), it expanded quite a bit in the microwave and was very filling. Also, considering that I’m new to keto, the extra fiber (8g per serving) was something that I really needed in my life. The maple smells so good, but I preferred to add some Swerve to bring out the flavors. Overall, this product is a win for me because it was easy to make; keto-friendly; and is a grain-free option for Cream of Wheat or even the cauliflower in my “grits” recipe

Martha & Marley Spoon


Martha & Marley Spoon Meal Kits

Quick Summary - Accurately Spiced. Quick Meals. Low calorie, but not always low carb.

I’ve tried a ton of meal box kits. In fact, some of my earliest IG food pics were meal kits! Even though I enjoy cooking my own dishes, I used them because they provide a bit of a break from meal planning, especially when I have a long week ahead. I was excited to partner up with Martha & Marley Spoon to provide this review! They sent me a box and here is my experience. 

So far, I’ve tried 2 of the 3 Martha & Marley Spoon meals that came in my box: Spicy Honey Shrimp w/ Garlicky Kale and Grits (my abosolute favorite meal)  and Sweet & Sour Pork. Both dishes were a hit in my house, leaving us with clear plates (always a good sign)! Two things that I was especially impressed by were: 1) the included spices were flavorful enough that I didn’t have to add my own besides the recommended levels of salt and pepper; and 2)The dishes actually took 30 minutes. If you’ve ever gotten a meal kit, then you know sometimes in an effort to keep things simple, the meal can be just blah on flavor. If I had to rank the service, I’d say that these are by far one of my top two. The only downside for me is that while they have many low calorie dishes, there aren’t as many options week-by-week if you are following a low-carb lifestyle. I’ll definitely order these again when they have at least 2 low-carb meal options in a given week (they allow you to choose 2 or 3 meals). 

If you’ve been thinking about trying Martha & Marley Spoon, they are offering all of my IG friends and subscribers $30 off your first box

Thunderbird Bars


Thunderbird Bars

Simple. Clean. Delicious. Sophisticated.

When I have a long day scheduled, I try to make sure that I have a bar in my bag because they help in moments when I’m starving, but have few healthy options. Since completing Whole30, I've been buying bars that are simple (less than 10 ingredients) & clean (includes ingredients that I can read without a chemistry degree). For the past two weeks, I've been testing out the variety pack of Thunderbird Real Food Bars, a line of paleo-friendly fruit and nut bars. Overall, I love them because beyond being simple and clean, they are: consistently delicious (I tried about 5 flavors because I care about you 😜); have a soft, yet crunchy texture (we’ve all bit into a healthy bar that seems to require a chisel or what seems to be an endless amount of chewing); and have sophisticated flavor combos (e.g., Texas Maple PecanHemp Sunflower Pumpkin Seed, Pecan Goji Pistachio). So far, my favorite is Texas Maple Pecan, but each one that I've had has been delicious! If you are looking for a new brand of fruit and nut bars with untraditional flavors, then you should give these a try! Thanks for reading!


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